Confinement Nanny Review Recommendation for Kelly:

Dear Kelly Jie! You are the ‘salted egg yolk’ to my heart like it is to a good ba zhang. The moment of us watching the sunset (which is salted egg yolk) together in our kitchen is very memorable. The positivity and laughter you brought to our house will certainly be one of our fondest memories. As for the review on handling newborn and culinary skills – you are undoubtedly THE BEST to me.
Thank you for taking such good care of Daddy Mommy & Baby. Thank you for all the heart to heart chats, great tips on cooking, and especially when you went to the extra mile of sharing your cream and probiotics with me when I had recovery complications. I am grateful. For those of you who are looking for a CL, I highly recommend you to reserve Kelly. Do have an open mind to her advices and let her help heal you from your body to your heart.
P/S: Big thank you to my dearest Sister-in-law @Adeline.Z who recommended Kelly’s service to me.

confinement nanny review by Jolyn Lin