Confinement Nanny Review For Candy:

I cannot thank my nanny, aunty Candy enough. Firstly, I was very pleasantly surprised that she was English speaking. This was not a requirement of mine, but it made her working with my helper much easier. This also helped me to ask more questions and therefore learn alot about how to take care of my baby.

Aunty Candy is also an amazing cook – she has a whole repertoire of recipes that we looked forward to eating everyday. She even made batches of her belacan for us to store in the freezer after she left. She could even work with my requirements of ‘no added sugar’. She managed to create multiple birds nest dessert diets using various fruits to sweeten instead of sugar. She took care of my baby lovingly and carefully, and this allowed me to recover from my delivery properly. She was respectful and she understood that my own preference was not for a traditional confinement, and incorporated confinement elements where she knew I was comfortable. This ensured that I did not feel restricted.

Finally, I had many fun and interesting conversations with her, and I cried so much the day she left… I will forever miss and treasure her time with us.

Confinement Nanny Review By Julie