Confinement Nanny Review For Agnes

As first-time parents, we had a great experience with NannySOS. Everything was smooth starting from booking, package selection, herb delivery, and our nanny was ready to start when we came back from the hospital with the baby.
We cannot thank Aunty Agnes enough for her work in the past 5 weeks (we requested to extend her by 1 week). Every day she took care of our newborn who needed feeding, changing, and soothing to sleep every 2-3 hours, cooked a variety of delicious and nutritious meals with herbal soups, and always made sure I stay hydrated and well rested for my recovery. On top of that she provided extra care to help with baby’s jaundice and diaper rash.
We are impressed by how professional, organized, and hardworking she is and grateful to have her as our confinement nanny!

confinement nanny review by li yao