Confinement Nanny Review for Agnes:

Thank you Auntie Agnes for her great help again for my second born! I had to deliver the baby early before our initial scheduled date for her to come help me out, but Auntie Agnes shortened her break and started earlier with me!

Since she arrived, she have took great care of me and my family, with cooked meals everyday, help with laundry and cleaning of the house, so that i could rest as much as possible! Even during doctor visits, she reminded us promptly on what to ask/ clarify with the doctor just so we can better understand and care for our baby. During an episode of mastitis, she also provided her contacts that could help me! Her experience handling babies really shines as i see my baby gain weight and appetite steadily under her care 🙂

Forever grateful for her help in taking care of both my babies I would highly recommend everyone to request for Auntie Agnes. Also great thanks to Nannysos for being prompt and helpful as always!

confinement nanny review by Marilyn