Confinement Nanny Review for Ah You:

We’re very thankful to have Nanny Ah You with us during my confinement for our first born. As first time parents, we will be at a lost if not for Nanny Ah You.

Nanny Ah You is also very experienced with handling newborns. She takes over all night duties so that we can have a good rest. She is always patient in soothing our baby and always transferring her knowledge to us. Also she cooks delicious confinement meals including desserts and boiled soups for tea break.

We are happy to have engaged her during this 28 days and would recommend her to other mummies.

Also, a big thank you for prompt with his responses. I’ve also used NannySOS for the herbal packages and post natal massages. No regrets.

Confinement Nanny Review by Nicole