Confinement Nanny Review Recommendation For Lee Lian:

I chance upon nannysos as Other agencies already fully booked. Juztin is very prompt in email and follow up with my enquiry. Keeping me update and remind me for the application. As my baby is born earlier than expected. He is able to accommodate towards my last min changes and requirement. I just finish my confinement with aunty Lee Lian . She is very friendly and helpful since the first day. She is very generous with sharing her knowledges, experiences and useful tips in taking care of new born. She is also a very great help to me when it comes to night feed. Specially my first week as I am down with infection and engorgement. She is very pro-active for breast feeding and meticulous in her work. Telling me what to take note when taking care of newborn. She is a great cook too where she will prepare meals that will boost for milk supply. 😋😋😋 yummy food with desserts and fruits too. ☺️☺️I will highly recommend her. ☺️☺️ she also assist me to maintain the cleanliness of my kitchen after every cooking done. ☺️

Confinement Nanny Review by Pei Shan