Confinement-Nanny-Alice-Baby-First-MonthConfinement nanny Alice’s Reviews:

I am very glad NannySOS arranged Auntie Alice as my confinement nanny to help me for my postpartum. She is very patient and loving for my baby. Auntie Alice taught me a lot of ways to take care of baby, how to baby massage and dissipate heat, so that my baby can eat well and sleep well. Thanks to her, I can have a good rest. She also spend a lot of effort in my meals preparation, cook good and delicious food. Thank you Auntie Alice!


Confinement-Nanny-Alice-with-Baby-KeanneCulinary Skill: Very Good.
Communication Skill: Good.
Baby Care Skill: Very Good.
Mummy Care Skill: Very Good.
Cleanliness: Good.
Friendliness: Very Good