Confinement Nanny Review for Mei Ying:

We are very lucky to be assigned with Aunty Mei Ying. Aunty Mei Ying is a caring and professional nanny from NannySOS. She is a very experienced Nanny and this is demonstrated by our well our baby boy was taken care of and gained lots of weight during her one month stay with us. While there was the occasionally crying from our baby boy, Aunty Mei Ying was quick to defuse the situation and clam down our boy pretty quickly. She also took her own initiative to record down all the diaper change timings and feeding timing (including the amount each time). This helped us greatly to track if our baby boy was drinking more milk as time past by.
Aunty Mei Ying was also a very good cook. She ensured that she cooked different meals each time and made sure that I was never hungry. She also took the extra effort to make home made dripped chicken essence for me. She took care of my well being closely during her time here at my house and constantly ensured that I was doing the right things to keep my recovery process optimal. She even took the effort to give my hair a good scrub and wash on her own (three times!) and this was fantastic!
She is able to organize her time well and everything is always done in the right time. Having her around to help our family during the 1st month was a godsend and we are happy that we made the choice with NannySOS. It was a good value for money that comes with a professional nanny.
I would strongly recommend NannySOS and recommend Aunty Mei Ying if anyone is looking for confinement nanny!

Confinement Nanny Review By Shaine Ng