Confinement-Nanny-Review-By-Stacy-TeoConfinement nanny Lisa’s Reviews:

Thank you aunty LISA VOON for taking care of baby Mason! So many good things I want to say about her. She takes great care of Mason (she’s genuine and patient, and that to me is very important especially as a nanny), and she is an excellent cook. I don’t even remember eating a repeated dish more than thrice. She is knowledgeable, full of energy and positive vibes! (She speaks mandarin and cantonese – clicks well with my mom) She takes care of Mason so well, I don’t even have to wake up at night. Should we have a second child, we’ll definitely request for aunty Lisa again!

Culinary Skill: Very Good.
Communication Skill: Very Good.
Baby Care Skill: Very Good.
Mummy Care Skill: Very Good.
Cleanliness: Very Good.
Friendliness: Very Good