confinement nanny Chang SMI have engaged confinement nanny Shirley Chang, from Nanny SOS for one month since end of Nov 2017. During her service, I observed that she was conscientious and hardworking. She took initiative to clean up the place and also assisted my wife in the breastfeeding.

She was also able to take into account that my in laws are staying with me and managed to maintain a cordial relationship with my laws. That really helped my wife to recuperate and stabilise the family situation because its only in a stable family dynamic that an exhausted mother (who had just given birth) can recuperate.

She also provided a lot of guidance and advice about the groceries shopping when we went to Sheng Shiong Supermarket. Most importantly, she was quite alert to the cries of my new born son and respond to him in a timely manner, which made me, as parent, felt that my son is in good hands..

confinement meals by nanny ShirleyIn addition, the service by the agent, Mr Juztin was also worth commending. He was clear in his instructions and contract details and helped to make it simple for people to understand the contract. That help to minimise the fear of misunderstanding or any hidden cost. He also provided a book to us for recording of the timing of milk consumption and baby poop. That helped us to maintain a record such that it is easier for us to explain to the paediatrician when we bring our son for immunisation and checkup at polyclinic.

Mr Juztin was also present at the beginning and end of the confinement nanny service to ensure that the process is smooth and immaculate. In a nutshell, the service of NannySOS was impressive and thank you for the wonderful service NannySOS.

Confinement Nanny Review 3- NannySOS Agency