Confinement Nanny Review for Ah You:

My friend recommended me to engage Auntie Ah You and I am truly glad I did.
1. She is very good and gentle with babies.
Not only is Auntie Ah You gentle and experienced, she would also patiently guide and teach us everything she knows. Baby had mild jaundice and she helped us to monitor and “suntan” the baby according to the PD’s instructions, and adjusted my food in order not to worsen the jaundice as the baby is feeding via breastmilk. Baby also had constipation and she knew how to massage the baby to make her poop. Baby did poop within 4-5 hours – and it’s alot! She plays with the baby and sang to her for hours to make her sleep – which I could never do. You could tell she truly loves and cares for the baby.
2. Cares for mummy’s health and doesn’t neglect the daddy’s cravings/appetite.
Auntie Ah You cooks very delicious confinement food and adjust it accordingly to the condition of my health and recovering speed. She knew that my skin developed very serious rashes and thus did not cook some specific food in order not to worsen it. She knew the daddy is craving for sweet and sour pork, and thus cooked it the very next day, with some adjustment in the ingredients so that I can eat it too. She doesn’t cook the same type of food everyday. There will be rice, mian xian, ee mian, mee tai mak, porridge, and alot of other food – depending on what ingredients you prepare for her. There are days I crave for dessert, and she would cook just that, even though it meant that she will need to put in more time and effort to cook and wash up. She did everything willingly and with love.
3. Did all the housework and kept the house clean.
Auntie Ah You just needed 1 day to be familiarized with where we keep our things. After that, she went on autopilot mode. She washed + folded and kept our clothes and the baby’s clothes, swept and mopped the floor daily and cleaned up the kitchen after every meal. She also ensured that the toilet that she uses is clean. As new and tired parents, she did all the housework and maintained the cleanliness of the house and we did not have to worry about it at all.
Overall, I highly recommend new mummies to engage Auntie Ah You. She is friendly, gentle, jovial, experienced and hygienic. I will definitely miss her alot when she’s gone in 2 days time!

Confinement Nanny Review by Tan Yun