Confinement Nanny Review Recommendation for Janet:

My family and I would like to give our utmost appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Aunty Janet. Aunty Janet is very experienced and proactive. She not only take very good care of our baby and me but also to the rest of our family members. She is a very responsible nanny. I still remember on the day I discharged, she arrived earlier at my house to wait for me and start to arrange the necessities required for my baby with me. After settling all the necessary arrangements, she took over my baby immediately and ask me to have a rest. She asked me not to worry about anything first as she understands that mummy will be very tired at the hospital.
She shared with me great tips on breastfeeding and encouraged me on my breastfeeding journey. She guided me day by day with latching. She always ensure that I have ample rest as her advice is that having enough rest will allow the milk supply to kick in fast. My baby is so comfortable with her and is well taken care by her that kept me assure and I could have sufficient rest. I’m grateful that I do not have to worry at night as she took care of the baby and at times staying throughout the night to coax my active baby. Surprisingly, you will still see her energetic the next day and complete her work efficiently. She is very patient and caring, she bond very well with my eldest daughter. This is how experience she is with kids
I was amazed by her culinary skill which never fail to make my stomach full at each meal. Within the whole confinement days, I did not get a chance to eat back the same dishes as she has so many ideas in creating new nutritional dishes which makes me always looking forward to meal time.
Thank you Aunty Janet very much. Really appreciated and we will definitely miss her.

Confinement Nanny Review By WeiMin WP