Confinement Nanny Review by Yan Han IGWP

Confinement Nanny Review for LingLin:

We would like to thank Juztin for all the coordination done to send us experienced nannies for our confinement. Our first nanny unfortunately had to end early due to an old ailment but Juztin was quick to find us a replacement nanny (Samantha Lin Ling). Confinement nanny is experienced and has been a great help in caring for baby and for taking care of our meals. She whips up delicious meals and ensures a wide variety (Chinese, western, Japanese cuisines). Besides yummy meals, she puts in a lot of effort in dish presentation which makes each meal looks very appealing and appetizing. She is also generous to make use of her own ingredients to make our meals healthier.. Nanny is well-versed in herbs and the different food ingredients, giving good advices that will help cater to mine and baby’s needs. I appreciate that she is hygienic when handling baby and always help to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen at the end of each day. She also helps to vacuum/mop the house when she has some free time. We thank her for the great help and going the extra mile with our confinement. Thank you! 😊

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Confinement Nanny Review by Yanhan
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