Confinement Nanny Review for Agnes:

As a first time mum, having a good and helpful confinement nanny is very important for our recovery process and learning to take care of a new born. And I’m so lucky and happy that my friend referred Nanny Agnes to us.

Nanny Agnes has been a great help since the day she arrived at our place! She prepared yummy and healthy meals for us and and helped with the daily household chores everyday. She had ample experience to take care of baby as well. She will often share her experience with us and tell us what to check with the doctor during reviews and she is also very supportive with breastfeeding/latching of babies.

Lastly, kudos to NannySOS for his prompt responses and constant checking on me prior to my delivery date as well as during my confinement to ensure that everything is well. We will definitely refer NannySOS and Nanny Agnes to our friends.

confinement nanny review by Zhenshan