confinement-nanny-singapore-with-baby-sleepingDuring the first few weeks of life with the newborn, parents may think that your baby will never sleep through the night. However, by following a few guidelines of confinement nanny, daddy and mummy should be seeing a solid night’s sleep before your little angel is twelve weeks old.

Confinement nanny’s golden guide of these four keys to making this happen:

  1. Put your baby on a consistent schedule.
  2. Don’t use sleep aids, props or pacifiers (including holding or rocking your baby to sleep).
  3. Feed your baby when she wakes up instead of before she goes to sleep.
  4. Don’t respond right away if your baby cries a little (typically less than 5 minutes) when put to bed.

By following these four golden rules, parents will be helping the baby to learn to fall asleep on her own. If your baby becomes accustomed to getting to sleep through being fed, rocked or sucking on a pacifier, then she will need these to get back to sleep when she awakens at night. Instead, confinement lady advise you want your baby to be able to get herself back to sleep without any parental intervention. This means you get to sleep through the night! A credible study found that when parents followed these confinement nanny baby sleeping guide, eighty nine percent of babies slept through the night before they were three months old.

If your baby is more than six weeks old, and she does not show any signs of sleeping through the night, then do not despair. The transition from a nightly waking to a full night’s sleep is often very sudden. You will find them suddenly went from needing a nighttime feeding to sleeping the whole night through.

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