weight-loss-for-mummy-confinement-nannyEvery woman wants to get her pre-pregnancy figure back quickly after delivery. Can confinement nanny helps mummy to lose weight during the confinement period? While initial weight loss usually comes pretty easily, a women’s body is programmed to retain a higher level of fat for up to a year after giving birth. This tendency to retain extra fat is particularly true if you are breastfeeding.

At six months postpartum, most women weigh at least 5kg more than before pregnancy. At one year postpartum, less than 25% of women will be back to their pre-pregnancy weight. If you don’t lose the weight you want, then don’t beat yourself up over it. If you get back within a few kg you have done pretty well. The extra weight will come off eventually by eating healthy foods and exercising moderately.

What about the fashion models who get their figures back in within a few months? To start with, they are very lean genetically. Add to these good genes a lot of hard work and a personal trainer and it is possible to get back in pre-pregnancy shape quickly. However, normal women should not be hard on themselves for carrying a few extra kg. Accept the beauty of what your body did and is still doing to make you a healthy mother.

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