Once women become expectant mothers, they feel definitely feel the joy in their heart. The feeling is basically indescribable. Unfortunately, there are some pregnant mothers who experience miscarriage. For the health of the fetus, expectant mothers need to pay attention to their diet. Here are some tips that could help.

1. When it comes to vegetables wise, spinach will be the best choice. During the early stages of pregnancy, either spinach or folic acid tablets (用叶酸片) would be good. However, do take note that spinach contains quite a large quantity of oxalic acid (草酸), which can interfere with the body’s iron, the absorption of zinc and other elements. In order to eliminate the oxalic acid, all you have to do is to boil the spinach in hot water.

2. Eat Hawthorn (山楂). It has the ability to accelerate the contraction of the uterus, which could lead to premature delivery.

3. Avoid eating black fungus (黑木耳). Although it assists in blood circulation, it is not conducive to the stability and growth of the embryo.

4. Avoid eating apricots and almonds. These are quite heaty snacks and aren’t suitable for pregnant ladies.

5. Avoid eating creamy products such as purslane (马齿苋) as it can cause excitatory effects on the uterus, which could easily lead to premature birth.

6. Ginseng, longan and other supplements are not recommended either as they are heaty products. By consuming such supplements, one could face morning sickness, edema and hypertension. Heatiness can also lead to miscarriage, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

7. Food that contains addictive such as canned food should be avoided too. These are risk factors towards miscarriages.

8. Crabs and turtles are two of the most dangerous food to eat during pregnancy. They can cause both bleeding and miscarriage. For crabs, especially the claw part, offers strong blood circulation. Very often, it can lead to abortion. As for turtles, the shell is more deadly as compared to the meat. It can cause blood clot, which can lead to abortion as well.

9. As much as how we Singaporeans love our spicy food, it would be wise to skip them during this pregnancy period. This includes chili, pepper, cumin, anise and cinnamon. As spicy condiments can reduce the secretion of gastric glands, it can potentially cause stomach pain, intestinal dryness, hemorrhoids, constipation and in worst cases, fecal obstruction.

In order for a healthy and nutritious fetus, pregnant women have to pay close attention to their diet. A balanced diet is one that includes meat and vegetables, eaten in moderation. It would be advisable to increase the intake of protein, minerals and vitamins. Try having light, smaller meals and avoid eating sweets, high-calorie snack, fattening and fried foods. Excessive salt content in food such as bacon, ham, salted fish and fermented bean curd isn’t suitable too. Remember to practice these guidelines from an early stage to do a good job for the pregnancy.

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