juices for pregnancy
When a woman becomes pregnant, her body and skin will experience certain changes due to hormonal changes. This can cause the skin to turn dry. Hence, it is important to keep the skin moisturise during this period. Although there are skin care products out there that can do the job, there are also natural replenishment that can make the skin healthier.

With an increase in the secretion of hormones in the body and a weakened natural immunity after pregnancy, the skin defense capabilities will slowly be lowered too. This will cause the skin to show a certain degree of sensitivity and vulnerability. Furthermore, spices, alcohol or additives in skin care products are likely to exhibit allergic phenomena too. Therefore, pregnant mothers are extremely cautious during their selection of skin care products. Most of them do not realise that some of the day-to-day juices are capable of achieving the same results too.

The first is known as the Shamisen Beauty Juice (三味美颜汁). The ingredients are lotus root, carrots, apples and honey. First, cut the lotus root, carrots and apples into smaller pieces. Then, place them together in the juicer. After which, use a little bit of honey for flavouring. This drink can provide the required nutrition to the skin, regulating the balance of skin oils and making it shiny, delicate, soft.

The second is honey and lemon juice (蜂蜜柠檬汁). The ingredients are honey and lemon. First, pour a sufficient amount of honey into a slim bottle. Then, slice the lemon and soak it together with the honey. Honey is good for the lungs and cough. Lemon contains citric acid that has a role to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation. This drink can make the skin balanced, delicate and lubricated as well as prevent freckles and dark spots.

The third would be grape juice (葡萄汁). The ingredients are grapes and sugar with a right amount of water. First, wash the grapes with water. Then, place them in the blender along with the sugar. Stir for 2 to 3 minutes. This drink aids in digestion, is rich in iron content and has high nutritional value. The grape seed and grape also has antioxidant, slowing down the process of aging. It can result in better skin care and beauty.

The next is bird’s nest soup (燕窝蜜枣汤). The ingredients are 25g of bird’s nest, 15g of candied and brown sugar. First, use clean water to boil away any impurities. Then, add the right amount of water and brown sugar. Continue cooking until the candied is ripe and ready to be eaten. This soup promises skin replenishment and beauty. At the same time, it also remove wrinkles.

Finally, there is the papaya milk soup (木瓜牛奶汤). The ingredients are fresh papaya and fresh milk along with a right amount of sugar. First, shred the papaya. Then add the shredded papaya along with water and sugar and cook till it becomes ripe. You can add the fresh milk and boil it together after that. Papaya has a very high value of beauty, milk, nutrient-rich whitening effect, making the skin smooth. It makes your skin tender and delicate while reducing wrinkles.

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