In order to have a more comfortable year ahead, many married women plan out their pregnancy period to their best ability. Careful preparations are required in order to achieve this. Here are some guidelines that you may find helpful during the early stages of pregnancy.

1. It is important to have the right understanding of pregnancy. As we all know, it is a women’s role of giving birth to a newborn and bringing them to Earth. In fact, this is something extremely significant in a women’s life, being pregnant with your first child will actually teach you to become a mother. Although it can and normally will be a tedious and painful process, you will be proud of your accomplishment.

2. Keep a lookout on the symptoms of pregnancy. This can range from nausea to vomiting to loss of appetite and so forth. It may seem like a challenge initially, but always remember to maintain a good attitude and learn to relax.

3. It is essential to have a balanced diet. As pregnancy involves two individuals absorbing the nutrients from your food consumption, it is normal to feel hungry easily. However, you do not actually need to eat more during meal times. Instead, a better option would be to carry some snacks out with you to reduce your hunger. It is important to maintain a healthy diet as it will lead to a good development of the fetus. Hence, pregnant women should eat a variety of food.

4. During these early stages, try to refrain from sex. This will help to prevent you from a miscarriage. Always pay attention to hygiene by frequently changing your undergarments to ensure that it remains clean. At the same time, try to improve on indoor air circulation.

5. Keep yourself away from radiation products such as televisions, mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Try to reduce your usage on these as it will impact the fetus. Instead, you can try listening to soothing music or go for a walk outdoors.

6. Regular check ups are a must. During the early stages of pregnancy, 11 or 12 weeks in, it is recommended to visit the doctor once a month. After the 28th week of pregnancy, you should consult your doctor every 2 weeks. When you are at the 36th week of pregnancy, we would recommend you to attend check ups on a weekly basis.

7. Avoid harmful toxic substances for the health of the fetus. This ranges from medication to alcohol to cigarettes.

8. Lastly, have a good night’s sleep and remain in good spirits. During pregnancy, it is easy to become fatigue and agitated, but always maintain your composure and learn to relax. The mood of your baby will actually reflect on yours too and their personality could be affected by this.

Pregnant women should surround themselves in a positive environment and atmosphere. It is through relaxation that all negative emotions can be cast aside. By maintaining a pleasant mood, you will be able to have a more fulfilling pregnancy experience.

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