Confinement Nanny Review By Shu Hui:

Nanny Lilian from Confinement NannySOS has been amazing for my family and I. I highly recommend her, especially if you’re a first time mom and I know I’ll definitely look for her if I have a second child.

She’s very experienced and takes care of my baby very well. She is always sharing tips on how to care for our baby and thinking of ways to make things easier and sustainable for us, simple things like having enough milk bottles so that we don’t panic or wash bottles at night.

She genuinely loves our baby very much and that gives us peace of mind. You definitely want someone who cares for your baby to handle him especially late at night or when your baby is very fussy.

She’s a wonderful cook, in fact I will miss her cooking when she goes. I’m a picky and fussy eater and she takes care to observe what I like, and see what nutrition I need (if my milk supply is dropping etc) and make a variety of dishes so that I don’t get bored. She even takes care of me mentally, and tells me not to be so stressed.

She has definitely gone above and beyond her duties as a confinement nanny so many times and I will greatly miss her when she leaves.

I highly, highly recommend her to take care of you and your precious little ones.

Confinement Nanny Review By ShuHui