Home Cooked Confinement FoodHome cooked confinement food is the best as you are in control of the herbs and soup ingredients being used. Traditionally, confinement food is a set of nutritional meals which confinement nanny or grandparents would prepare for mum’s postpartum period. Spicy food, salt and MSG must be avoided during confinement and food preparation. A balanced diet of nourishing herbal soups with each confinement meal is essential to restore the mother’s Qi and weakened health. TCM practitioners encourage food and drinks to be consumed hot after cooked or at least warm during confinement. Heated home cooked confinement food helps mum to keep body warm, dispel wind and cold.

Confinement Ingredients.

Post natal essential ingredients with “heating” properties that are commonly used during cooking are sesame oil, old ginger and fermented rice wines. When old ginger is used together with sesame oil, it helps to promote sweating and warms the womb to expel wind. This is the concept of yin and yang by which is reflected in the perceived heat in one’s physical constitution.

Confinement Food Catering in Singapore.

To minimize headaches over what to cook for confinement at home, families may want to consider confinement food catering services or confinement herbs package. Single meal or dual meals are available for 14, 21 and 28 days. Confinement food delivery to home includes holidays such as CNY. All dishes are prepared and cooked daily to ensure freshness and quality. Most popular confinement package is 14 days or 28 days dual meals which comes with longan red dates tea for every meal. For more details on confinement food delivery services and price, do check out the confinement food package.Confinement Food Menu List

Confinement food package price (lunch and dinner):

  • 14 days: S$860
  • 21 days: S$1280
  • 28 days: S$1680
Confinement Food Menu

Confinement Food Menu

The confinement food menu is a list of nutritional dishes planned for 28 days. Mums can continue the meal plans for another 14 or 28 days even if the postpartum period is completed. Getting the essential nutrients is very beneficial for recovery from childbirth and surgery.

Confinement Herbal Packages

Confinement Herbal Package

Confinement herbal package provides comprehensive post natal essentials such as red dates and confinement herbal bath. The pre packed confinement herbs for 28 days provides convenience with soup preparation that detox, condition, nourish, build and reinforces health in 4 stages. According to Chinese beliefs, mums should drink confinement drinks with ginger, dried longan, and red dates in place of water. The herbs from confinement herbal bath not only improve blood circulation, beautifies complexion but prevents chillness or cold entering the body. This helps to minimize the risk of rheumatism in later age.

Confinement Food Recipes

Confinement Food Recipes

Confinement food recipes are for any families who like to DIY or not engaging any confinement lady. If you are still planning your food menu, you can consider following the recipes for confinement soup, dishes and drinks. More confinement recipes will be updated to the list for breastfeeding, natural birth, cesarean and miscarriage recovery.