how-to-talk-to-babyEvery parent looks forward to the first time his or her baby utters “Mama” or “Dada”. So it is natural for parents to wonder about the best way to help their baby develop verbal skills. Research shows that the most effective means of helping your baby develop his language skills is to talk to him often. For instance, tell him what you are doing when you are changing him or feeding him. Tell him about the things that you see when you take him on a walk. Speaking in baby talk, meaning, speaking slowly with a sing-song quality. It comes naturally to most parents and helps your baby to understand language more easily during those early months.

Research has shown that the more words the babies hear about, the faster they will learn to talk. This is due to the frequent exposure to words daily. It helps the brain in opening pathways that foster learning to develop more fully. However, only ‘live’ language, not television will help children develop language skills.

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