How Long is Confinement Period - Daddy Mummy New BornConfinement period is the greatest opportunity for a woman to adjust her body constitution. Ladies who experience small illnesses such as icy hands and legs, menstrual pain, migraine should make good use of confinement period to nurse herself back to health. But how to prepare for postpartum recovery? Most families will employ a confinement lady locally or from Malaysia. A lot of women have woes of losing their figures after giving birth. Every lady will very much want to get back her waistline. How should she exercise and eat, to slim down or become even better than before?

Postnatal period or postpartum period is a period of rest time for woman after giving birth and allowing her psyche and organ functions to recover. Average confinement period is at least 4 weeks. However, be it caesarean section or natural birth, the most ideal postpartum time period is 6 weeks. During this time, mummies are recommended to have long hours of rest in bed. Please observe and be careful with the diet, home environment, genital care.

Postpartum is also a time for mothers to pamper herself with a good post natal massage. Depending on the type of delivery, the earliest mothers can start the massage session is 5 days for normal delivery. Your gynae’s approval is necessary for c-section delivery. Post natal massage home service not only provides convenience and pain relieving, but also helps mothers regain the pre-pregnancy figure.

There is an old saying, if postnatal period is not properly done, the mummy will suffer hardship when she aged. Therefore, parents or in-laws will prefer to take care of her daughter, with her daily confinement food preparation or order tingkat delivery. This is certainly an important period that women should not take it lightly. Postpartum period should not be neglected even if the mother is young and fit.

After childbirth, rightfully the mother should have no problem to sit upright. However, due to the great pain felt during delivery, some women experience symptoms such as increase in heart rate,  blood vessels expansion, thickened myocardium. As vascular resistance at pelvic cavity is lower after childbirth, it will be very easy for women to get low blood pressure due to posture. Therefore, she should not rush to get up immediately. Since mothers exert great strength physically during delivery, dehydration and changes in hormone are expected. This will result in an increase in her body temperature slightly within 24 hours after delivery. Do not panic as this is normal. The mother will be in great care of doctors and nurses. In fact, after the child is delivered, most mummies do not feel too uncomfortable with their bodies at all. All they need is plenty of rest. That is the most important.

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