When you learned that you are going to be parents, is one of your first tasks include finding a pediatrician? Most books we read recommended interviewing several doctors before choosing one. While the recommendation sounded like a great idea, the reality was that neither the parents nor most of the pediatricians had the time to spend in a lengthy interview.

You can find your pediatrician through recommendations from your trusted friends and acquaintances with children. Be attentive to pediatricians who receive multiple recommendations. Do ask your friends why they recommended their pediatrician. This information will allow you to see if the pediatrician’s style and theory were compatible with what you wanted for your child.

The pediatrician’s staff is also very important. You will have a bad experience if the staff and nurses were difficult although the doctor was great. You can choose your doctor over others based on the high quality of his staff and the easy availability of a nurse to help answer your questions.

Some pediatricians’ clinics have nurses available during normal business hours to answer questions. It will be very reassuring to be able to get an expert’s opinion when you were not sure if your baby was sick enough to warrant a doctor’s appointment. NannySOS strongly recommend you to find a practice that gives you a doctor you like and trust and a staff that is available to answer questions.