baby-teeth Babysitter recommend introducing the toothbrush to baby once his first tooth emerged. Although not yet needed, introducing the toothbrush early promotes good dental health. In the beginning, simply let your babies hold and chew on the toothbrush. Once more of their teeth came in, start showing them how to brush their teeth.

Brushing your baby’s teeth was a good activity to finish your bedtime ritual. Also, your babies will be more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth when you brush your teeth at the same time. By initially presenting the toothbrush in a positive way, your children will get excited about “toothbrush time”.

Similarly, introducing spoons and forks early can help your baby learn to feed himself a an earlier age. At five or six months of age give your baby an infant spoon to hold while he is waiting to eat or when he is playing. This will help him to learn to eat on his own. He will already be accustomed to holding a utensil. An added benefit is that baby spoons are great for biting on to help with teething pain.

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