baby-sleepingFor most babies a little crying prior to falling asleep is perfectly normal. Some babies will start to cry or fuss when they become tired, indicating their need for sleep. If your baby is on a schedule and it is close to his normal nap or bed time, then your baby’s excessive whining or crying is likely his way of telling your that he is ready for sleep.

Don’t worry if your baby cries for a few minutes before going to sleep, this is a normal part of winding down for many babies. The amount of crying a baby does before falling asleep varies a great deal. For instance, one of our sons seldom cried before going to sleep, while one of our daughters cried for about three minutes every time she was put to bed.

It’s best to leave your baby alone and only check on him if he cries for more than five minutes. Although leaving a baby alone while he is crying is difficult, it is a very important lesson for teaching your baby to learn to self-sooth and sleep on his own.

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