music-for-baby-babysitter-tipsBabies love music. Some research shows that listening to music may help develop spatial, mathematical and higher reasoning skills. Although some recent studies call into question this so-called “Mozart Effect”, several studies call into question that playing an instrument is helpful in developing mathematical abilities. If your child is exposed to music when he is young, he may be more likely to want to sing or learn an instrument as he grows older.

Experts recommend playing a variety of music to your children. You can give your music selection to the babysitter to play to your baby during babysitting whether classical, country, rock or oldies. Also babies that are three months and younger can hear sounds while sleeping. So feel free to play music to your newborn during naps.

Some music are calming and make for great background music while playing with your baby:

  • Mozart in the Morning
  • Build Your Baby’s Brain
  • Baby’s First Mozart

As your baby grows older, you may want to play music at bedtime to calm him and signal that sleep time has arrived. In addition to the music listed above, parents can make their very own bedtime songs for the baby with your own favourite relaxing songs.

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