nanny-babysitter-singapore-diaper-change From what nanny has experienced, first 3 months of parenting are the hardest. While parents are elated to have a baby, caring for the baby was sometimes physically exhausting.

As warned by the nanny, the first three months are by far the hardest because your baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet. A new baby cries frequently and needs to be fed and changed often. In addition, as a new parent you are learning to be a parent and adjusting to a new role and new responsibilities.

Through these first months parents will be doing quite a lot: feeding the baby eight or more times a day, waking up several times a night, changing diapers continually, and all of this with little positive feedback from their babies. At around six to eight weeks of age, most infants will start to smile. The first smile is one of the first signs of your baby’s appreciation. As your baby continues to develop, she is able to better express her affection. Most nannies found that spending time with the babies was always fun, but became even more rewarding as they developed.

Another important factor is that by the end of three months your baby should be sleeping through the night. This makes a great world of difference. As your baby gets older, she will need fewer diaper changes and feedings during the day.

So golden tips from nanny: hold on during those first few months. Parenting will get easier and even better!

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