mummy-breastfeed-babyBreastfeeding your baby is a wonderful gift and a special bonding experience. Nanny encourages breastfeeding. Like all things in life, great success usually comes with great effort. Breastfeeding is no exception. Your new baby is born with a suck reflex, but does not know how to latch on and breastfeed. Just as you will be learning to feed your baby, he will be learning how to feed himself. Most mothers report that the first six weeks of breastfeeding are very challenging and require a real commitment.

There are many benefits to breastfeeding. If you and your baby enjoy the experience, it is truly worth the time and effort. For expert advice, speak with the lactation consultants and nursing staff while you are still in the hospital or with experienced nannies. Even after you leave, most hospitals offer telephone lactation consultations free of charge to their patients.

Advice from nanny is to be mentally prepared for some bumps in the road as you breastfeed. Remember that both you and your baby are learning a new skill together. If you get frustrated, use the experts, ask the nanny and try again. If, despite your best efforts, breastfeeding does not work for you then don’t feel guilty about switching to bottle feeding. NannySOS is a confinement nanny agency in Singapore providing confinement care and babysitting services. We are just a call away if you require our services.