baby-meal-nanny-singaporeAll children have days when they do not want to eat and other days when they never seem to stop. Many nannies say they also like certain foods one day and they refuse to eat them next time they are offered. It is important to stay relaxed. Do not be concerned about what your baby eats in a single day. It is more important to view what she is eating over a week and balance it out. Ask the nanny if your child is increasing his food intake. Keep a food diary as she may be eating more than you think. If your baby has a good balanced diet, is gaining weight regularly and is well-hydrated, then there is no need to worry when baby becomes fussy or difficult at meal times. Try some of these strategies by the nannies:

  • If your baby has only one vegetable/protein/dairy/fat that she will eat, then stick with it. However, keep trying to introduce new ones. It often takes many tries until a child decides she likes a new food. Never resort to adding salt or sugar because you think she may like it more.
  • Do not force your baby to eat something she does not appear to like, and congratulate her if she tries it. Try offering it again another time.
  • Try eating together as much as possible; your baby will copy you. Try asking someone she loves eg grandparents or sisters to eat with you. Sometimes a child will eat for one person but not another. It is just a phase and it will pass.
  • If she is difficult at meal times it may be because she is having too many snacks between meals.
  • Keep portions small so that your child does not feel overwhelmed and give her lots of time to eat slowly. If she wants more, then you can give her a second helping. Do not rush her. Stay calm and do your best not to get cross.

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