nanny-tips-for-baby-sleepingBabies are warm and cuddly and it is very natural to want your little angel to sleep next to you at night. This leads many parents to sleep with their babies in the same bed or room with them. Nanny advise it was not a good idea. Not only did the quality of your sleep suffer, but parents will lost important couple time.

Although some families are able to make it work, most nannies believe that for families sleeping with your baby is not a good idea for several reasons. Sleeping with your baby will most likely result in less sleep for both you and your baby. The noises baby makes can keep you awake and you will probably respond to little cries and and whimpers that might otherwise not be heard or warrant a response. Co-sleeping may also delay teaching her to learn to sleep on her own. This can cause a difficult struggle when you want your baby to start sleeping in her own bed or her own room. In addition, there are several studies that show a higher likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) when children sleep in the same bed with their parents. The likelihood is particularly dangerous if the parents drink or smoke.

Experienced nanny realise that the decision of where baby will sleep is a personal one and can be emotionally charged for some people. If you decide to have your baby sleep with you then don’t second guess your choice. Many parents successfully sleep with their babies in the baby’s early months. And, in many cultures, it is perfectly normal and natural for newborns to sleep with the parents instead with confinement nanny. NannySOS is a confinement nanny agency in Singapore providing confinement care and babysitting services. We are just a call away if you require our services.