nanny-baby-diaperAll baby diapers are not created equally. There are many choices available when choosing diapers. Most nannies will recommend parents to try several brands and find one that you like. Based on experience of the nanny, most diapers work fairly well. Nanny loves to use diapers for leak prevention, keeping baby dry and with good fastener quality.

Although possibly better for the environment, ‘green’ or environmentally friendly diapers do a poor job of holding in wetness. Cloth diapers, where are used by less than 10 percent of parents, are also less effective at keeping wetness from a baby’s skin than are disposable diapers. With the trend of “go green” cloth diapers have come a long way. Many new brands are less bulky, can be fastened without pins, and are machine washable.

Popular baby diapers brands in Singapore are:

  1. Pampers
  2. Mamy Poko
  3. Drypers
  4. Huggies
  5. Merries

To save money, the best plan is to buy in bulk and stock up on baby diapers. Buying a box at a time versus just a package insures that parents will always have diapers available and will get the best deal possible. Nanny suggest ordering in bulk from online store such as qoo10, redmart for convenience and delivery to your house.