baby-sleeping-babysittingTeaching your baby from the very beginning to sleep in the same conditions that she will encounter as she gets older is important. If you keep it very quiet every time the baby sleeps during babysitting, the baby will become conditioned to a very quiet sleep atmosphere. This means that the baby will be much more sensitive to noises when they do occur. Babysitters and experts found that the best strategy is to go about the normal routine when baby is napping such as running the vacuum, move about the house, make your regular phone calls. This will teach your baby to tune out normal noises and sleep soundly.

This worked so well for the babysitter in one of the babysitting session. She was babysitting a twin. One of them can be completely asleep while the other is crying only 1.8m away. If parents follow this advice, you won’t have to be afraid that your baby will awaken if the phone rings or someone knocks on your door while your baby is sleeping, which from the babysitter’s experience will happen quite frequently.

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