postnatal care for motherPostnatal care guidelines are attentive care or a set of rules for mothers to observe immediately after birth. When confinement nanny share mothers with their great postnatal advice and experience, please do not neglect them. The aims of postnatal care for mother and baby is to improve the environment and health conditions. Postnatal care is important as mothers can benefit from recovering fast and prevent getting any undesirable illness due to her weakened body. There are real life cases of mums suffering from face stroke because they use cold water to wash their face. They are either unaware or think these are just postnatal myths. It is always better to be aware and prevent than regret later.

10 things to take note during confinement period:

  1. Confinement room should be comfortable and well ventilated.
  2. Avoid using fan, other wind-circulating equipment or exposed to sea breeze.
  3. Clothing should be comfortable. Do not wear clothing made of too thick or too thin materials.
  4. Observe hygiene. Keep your body clean. Change underwear daily.
  5. Do not drink plain water especially during the first 20 days after childbirth. Drink red date tea instead.
  6. Do not use cold water to wash your face or take a shower.
  7. Too much herbs and tonic may bring adverse effects to body. Consume moderate amount of health tonic.
  8. Do not consume cold and raw or sourish food, or food with high sodium content.
  9. Always remain cheerful. Do not feel sad or shed tears.
  10. Avoid lifting heavy objects or bend forward to help confinement nanny to bathe your baby.