baby-play-sandTaking your baby out to public places at an early age will help her become comfortable in different environments. You can ask babysitters to bring the children out frequently. This great comfort and familiarity will help her to behave better in public settings as she grows older. Many parents avoid public outings due to fears of germs or out of concerns that their baby will cry or misbehave. Healthy infants can safely be taken to public places when they are only one week old.

Once your baby is three months old, it is a good time to start short outings that can help teach her good behavior. Don’t expect your baby to stay in one place too long without becoming fussy. Babysitter recommend first taking your baby to places that you can leave fairly quickly if she becomes fussy. As you take her out more frequently, your baby will behave well for longer periods time.

Many children love joining their parents for grocery or other shopping trips where they can ride in a cart. However, few children under one can be expected to last more than thirty or forty five minutes sitting at a restaurant. If you avoid public outings, your infant may be less comfortable and more likely to cry or fuss as he gets older. So get out and enjoy!

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