There are many pregnant women who opt for cesarean childbirth due to their fear of pain or the misconception that cesarean birth is better than natural birth as the mother’s body will not be damaged. The truth is that caesarean section can cause damage to the uterus.

Although caesarean section may seem to be increasingly popular nowadays, experts advise expectant mothers not to blindly follow the trend of the choice of mode of delivery. Caesarean section can ease the pain at the moment of time, but it can also cause some harmful side effects in the long run.

1. Affect the mother and child relationship

US researchers have discovered through brain scans that natural birth allows mothers to be more sensitive to the cries of their child. On the other hand, cesarean section caused a decrease in maternal behaviour. The brain research shows that the intense activity of the brain can regulate natural childbirth, maternal mood and the day-to-day behavior, helping them to successfully take care of children in the future. Caesarean involves directly removing the baby from the uterus, this change during childbirth may affect the closeness of the mother and child.

2. Injury to the uterus

As mentioned, caesarean section can cause damage to the uterus. It is actually the last resort. In caesarean section, the woman has to bear the risk of anesthesia, bleeding, postoperative infection and a slower body recovery as compared to natural birth. Also, women who choose caesarean section will experience a more troublesome time in future contraception and pregnancy as compared to those who choose natural birth.

3. Causes ugly scars

Some pregnant women will find that their second child through caesarean section will leave an uglier scar compared to the first. This is because the second pregnancy onward is often taken lightly compared to the first. Furthermore, excessive tonic and multiple pregnancies can increase the tension of the wound, which leaves even more obvious scars. Many uninformed mothers will blame the doctor instead. However, the doctor isn’t always the one to be blamed. The main culprit is actually caesarean section.

Pregnancy again within a year or two after cesarean section can be quite risky too. It has the chance of resulting in abortion or easy bleeding too. Obviously nobody wants to do an abortion or endanger the fetal life. Hence, the best solution will still be to stick with natural birth. Remember, caesarean section should only be used as the last resort.

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