Although every pregnant mother is very clear about the fact that natural birth is better than cesarean birth, but when it comes to child birth, they can still be hesitant. In fact, they may eventually select cesarean birth over natural birth due to fear or a misunderstanding. In this post, we will assist in correcting these misconceptions.

First misconception: It is not easy to get back into shape after natural birth as the pelvic structure will change. This will affect one’s previously slim figure and take a long period of time to recover.

Expert’s correction: Natural birth does not affect one’s figure. Instead, it will help to enhance it. For a female to achieve a nice figure, they have to have the fullness in the hips. Natural birth will help in widening the circumference of the hip, leading to fullness. New mothers should actively breastfeed their child after birth. By watching your diet and exercising regularly, you will be able to restore your figure in no time.

Second misconception: If natural birth is unsuccessful, cesarean section is still required. If that’s the case, one should just save the trouble and proceed with cesarean section from the start.

Expert’s correction: Ultimately, you should still listen to the doctor’s advice on the delivery mode. Regardless, it will still be your choice to make after the doctor has provided his advice. For mothers who aren’t suitable for natural birth, the doctor will inform you in advance. Caesarean section should only be used if there is a valid reason. It cannot be used just because one is afraid of natural birth.

Third misconception: There are many whose health are being affected after natural birth. Furthermore, it is more painful. Hence, it is not as good as cesarean section.

Expert’s correction: Natural birth allows mothers to recover faster and get discharged earlier. Cesarean section usually results in mothers having to be monitored for a longer period of time in case of side effects. Furthermore, cesarean section has higher chances of leaving scars as compared to natural birth.

Fourth misconception: Natural birth is too painful and intolerable. On the other hand, cesarean section is not painful and allows both the mother and child to be safe.

Expert’s correction: Although cesarean section might not be as painful, there are still many risks. For natural birth, mothers should try to distract themselves and relax. In this way, they can reduce the pain. Pain is reduced in cesarean section due to anesthetic. However, by using anesthetic, there are risks too such as bleeding or infection.

Fifth misconception: Natural birth affects sex life because it causes dilatation of the vagina and vulva.

Expert’s correction: You won’t have to worry about this as long as you exercise the pelvic muscles. This will restore sex hormone levels back up to the original levels and simultaneously, restore sexual function as well.

Sixth misconception: During natural childbirth, one might not have the strength to deliver the child.

Expert’s correction: It is the natural instinct that is used during natural births. Throughout the delivery process, one should concentrate on breathing and staying relaxed instead. Strength will naturally come in the process. There are also exercises taught to pregnant women when they are still pregnant to assist in the delivery process when their child is due for birth.

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