Although pregnancy requires one to be psychologically prepared, you must still be ready to a through a tough phase especially during the first few weeks. You may not experience morning sickness or vomiting, but instead your stomach might feel extremely uncomfortable. This can cause you to feel and act similarly to someone who is ill. So how can one deal with the stomach discomfort in the early stages or pregnancy? Here are some opinions and experiences from other mothers that may aid you.

“Being a mother is not easy, especially during the first three months. They are the most challenging to get by and you would wish that they come to an end faster. If only I didn’t have to go through pregnancy to have a child!” – 包子妈

“When I was vomiting badly, I felt like giving up on being a mother. There are people who claim that if the morning sickness is serious, one would give birth to a girl. On the other hand, there are others claiming that one would give birth to a boy in the same scenario. In the end, nobody knows who’s right.” – phoenix_788

“When you are going through pregnancy, it will be the worst 8 to 11 months of your life. During pregnancy, one’s feelings and reactions are the strongest. After this stage, things will get better. You have to remember not to remain hungry as hunger can bring about stronger reactions. After this period, you will realise that being a mother is a blessing.” – 简约主义

“Expecting a child isn’t easy at all. However, endurance will eventually pay off. In the meantime, find some things that you enjoy doing or simply have happy thoughts. Alternatively, you can try going out for a stroll. The main thing is to take things easy.” – 惜缘

“I experienced vomiting from the seventh week I was pregnant onward, regardless of whether I was eating or drinking. It was a torture for me until with 18 weeks to go. Even up till today, my stomach is still unwell. I still experience nausea and discomfort. This shows that a mother’s love is unconditional from pregnancy to birth to even after.” – 歪歪斜斜

“I started vomiting from the 33rd day onward from the moment I wake up till noon. After my colleagues advised me to eat sour plums, things got better. I eventually realise that as long as I have a proper meal, I won’t end up vomiting. However, I can never seem to fill my stomach. Before day 32, I was still unable to eat anything. From day 33, I realise that my appetite became better.” – 牛妈牛宝宝猪老婆

“I did not experience any vomiting, but I only felt discomfort in my stomach.” – 黛黛

“I experienced vomiting from the 5th week. Now I’m at my 8th week and sometimes it gets better, while at other times, it gets worse. I feel rather helpless at times too. If the pain gets too unbearable, I will try to sleep it off.” – 完整女人

About 3/4 of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting from the first 3 months of pregnancy. Nausea usually starts from the 6th week and some even as early as the 4th week. After the first month, the symptoms tend to be more severe. Usually half of all pregnant women will no longer feel the symptoms in the 14th week. It normally takes about a month before the nausea slowly subsides. However, the morning sickness might still return occasionally.

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