baby-playing-without-babysitterIt is so much fun to play with your baby. You may want to engage babysitter to play with your baby. But it is doing him a disservice if you don’t let him explore and play on his own some of the time. Playing alone can be a very enjoyable and enriching time for your baby.

When your baby is about three months of age, begin giving him playtime alone in a safe area. Lay him where there are interesting things to observe. Parents or the babysitters can stay nearby but need to be out of sight so as not to distract him. At first, your baby may only be able to spend a few minutes alone without crying out for your company. However, if you give your baby time to play alone daily, then your baby will increase the time he will be able to enjoy playing by himself to nearly thirty minutes.

The goal is not to ignore your baby; rather, it is to help your child learn to concentrate and be able to enjoy playing without a parent’s involvement. They can truly enjoy their play alone time. It is their time to play and do what they want without anyone interfering with their play.

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