Firstly, pregnant ladies should not stay up too late. Before pregnancy, there are some ladies who often stay up late in the middle of the night because of work or entertainment. Some of them continue to have this habit even when they are pregnant. However, by doing so, it can affect their health and that of the baby. Sleeping late at night disrupts the rhythm of the human biological clock. This can affect the growth and development of the baby. The lack of rest can also cause the brain to become fatigue, which can lead to headaches, insomnia and other symptoms. Pregnant ladies should be in bed by 10pm every night. Before going to bed, they should soak their feet in warm water for about 20 minutes and have a glass of milk. These can help them to have a good night rest. In turn, it will help them to tune back their body’s biological clock.

Secondly, pregnant ladies should try brisk walking regularly. Walking is a suitable exercise for relaxing and enjoying the natural scenery. At the same time, it can help to relief the worries of childbirth, while strengthening the physique. This is usually the best natural health prescription during the entire pregnancy period. However, the location plays a big part too. Pregnant ladies should avoid downtown areas where there are many motor vehicles. These vehicles emit large amounts of carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen and sulfur oxide. Taking in too much of these can lead to malaise, limp muscles and dizziness. During pregnancy, this can affect the brain development of the baby. Therefore, it would not be advisable to take a walk in downtown areas. The most ideal place would be in parks, where there are ample trees. This is where the air is fresh and the dust content is lower compared to downtown. In this way, pregnant ladies can remain calm. This would be very beneficial to the growth and development of the baby.

Thirdly, pregnant ladies should avoid too much contact with the telephone. This is because when people make calls, bacteria can travel from saliva to the microphone. Unfortunately, not many people pay much attention to this. Most people do not wash their hands after using the phone and might even touch themselves after. The virus that accumulates on the phone can be transmitted through the mouth and nostrils. Upon entering the human body, it can cause the upper respiratory tract to be infected. At the same time, it can affect the baby’s growth and even cause miscarriage or premature birth. Hence, pregnant ladies should avoid using public phones. However, if they require to do so, they should wash their hairs immediately after use.

Fourthly, pregnant ladies should pay attention to the health of their lips. There are not just a lot of dust in the air today, there are other toxic substances as well such as lead, nitrogen, sulfur and so on, which can easily come into contact with the lips. This is why licking the lips can be of great harm. Once they enter the body through the tongue, it can affect the growth of the baby. It can even cause the tissues and organs of the baby to become deformed. Therefore, to prevent the harmful substances from coming into contact with the lips, try applying lip balm. Also, always remember to wipe or wash the lips clean after a meal.

Lastly, pregnant ladies should avoid staying in the kitchen for too long periods. According to studies, the largest place of dust and toxic gas isn’t factories or streets. Instead, it is the kitchen due to the composition of cooking gas. When they are being used, they emit various gases that are extremely harmful to the human body, especially towards pregnant ladies. These emissions are worse compared to those outdoors. Furthermore, if the kitchen’s ventilation is poor, the concentration of these harmful gases can increase higher than the national standard. When pregnant ladies inhale these gases, it will enter through the respiratory tract into the bloodstream, impacting the growth and development of the baby. Hence, pregnant ladies should minimise their time spent in the kitchen. Hoods or exhaust fans can also be placed in the kitchen to maintain a good ventilation. It may be appropriate to use more electric cookers as well.

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