coming soon pregnancy

Pregnancy is a critical period for all expectant mothers. Hence, they should be cautious and take good care of their health during this period. Here are some things that they should take note of and keep a look out for.

Firstly, car exhaust, factories and sewages discharge harmful gases. Detergents also contain toxic ingredients. All of these are harmful towards the fetus.

Secondly, the sparks from welding can produce ultraviolet light, which can also cause damage to the fetus.

Thirdly, pesticides can have a highly teratogenic effect on the fetus.

Another thing is that too much noise is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetal development. At the same time, total silence can also make pregnant women feel lonely, affecting the fetus too. Both of these are undesirable, hence, there has to be a balanced in between.

Next, pregnant women should avoid coming into contact with cats and other small animals.

Also, they should stay as far away as possible from the phone and the computer. They should also watch less of the television. This is because all of these devices emit radiation, which is unhealthy towards the fetus.

During the first three months of pregnancy, ensure that your body remains cool. This can be done by avoiding using hot water during your showers.

Lastly, do your best to get rid of all the unhealthy lifestyles and habits. They include smoking, alcohol and drinking too much tea.

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