Good prenatal care involves paying attention to proper nutrition and diet, rational organisation of work as well as rest. Childbirth education and adequate psychological preparation are essential before childbirth too. Practice breathing techniques, which will definitely come in handy and be used for labour.

A week or two before the delivery, somewhere between the 37th to 38th week of pregnancy, the doctor has to inform the pregnant lady of the entire situation and the necessary procedures based on the three aspects of the birth canal, productivity, the fetus and the preliminary forecasts of childbirth. If the birth canal as well as the fetus is normal and the labor contractions are powerful, then the delivery will be smooth most of the time.

The pain from the labour contractions can affect the mood, diet and urine of the mother. It can also affect the progress of labor. However, mothers have to be mentally prepared for it and use breathing techniques to ease the pain. Along with the help of doctors and nurses, they will generally be able to survive the birth process.

During the second stage of labour, entering childbirth is a crucial moment. During this period, the strength and frequency of contractions will peak. There will also be oppression of the rectum and the fetal head. As the mother has to put more force into pushing, this becomes an intensive process of physical labor, making it really difficult. As long as there is usage of the proper amount of force, it will result in a more effective and smoother childbirth.

Between 5 to 30 minutes after the baby is delivered, the placenta will automatically be peeled off. After giving birth, mothers have to stay in the maternity ward for observation and rest for 1 to 2 hours. They will then be allowed to consume fluids and small portions of food. By gently massaging the uterus, it can help in uterine contractions, reduce bleeding and provide smooth deliveries.

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