Keeping your marriage strong during your baby’s first year and beyond is an important ingredient for effective parenting. It is difficult to be a great parent and provide a healthy family environment if you and your partner don’t have a solid relationship. The following 3 simple actions can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy relationship:

  1. Go to bed together. Yes. This means at the same time and in the same bed! This provides an opportunity to talk and cuddle and helps keep you in sync with your partner.
  2. Have a date night every two weeks. This time away together is critical for two reasons. First, it will help keep the romance and closeness alive that led you to marriage. Second, it provides a needed break from child-centered activities and helps increase your energy to handle the challenges of parenting. If you cannot manage a babysitter that often shoot for at least once a month.
  3. Dedicate at least fifteen minutes a day for “couple time”. This is a time that you and your spouse reserve to catch up on each other’s day, discuss concerns etc. This can be after dinner, during a walk, or after your baby has gone to bed. What is most important is to have no distractions during this conversation time. Turn the television off and really listen and talk to your partner.

The first year with your baby will be busy, but remember that your relationship is a top priority and needs attention just as our baby does. NannySOS is a confinement agency providing confinement care with a team of experienced babysitters in Singapore. More information is available in our article Babysitter Singapore.