There are many infants found with fetal malformations after birth, which often have a large influence on the infant’s entire life. For this reason, everyone should pay more attention to preventing the occurrence of fetal malformations. However, how can we avoid the occurrence of fetal malformations? What causes fetal malformations? And what are the key factors for avoiding them?

This problem is deadly serious and a difficult situation for the whole world. But no matter how difficult it is, it will be solved bit by bit.

The basic factors of a child’s conception are the sperm and eggs. These are the basis for the zygote to form an embryo and eventually the child. If the sperm and the eggs have defects, the zygote could in turn have problems. This is often the cause of problems with the chromosome. If the chromosomal abnormalities are serious, then they could cause the child to stop developing or to spontaneously abort in the early stages. This is survival of the fittest — the instinct of humanity. But Down syndrome such as Trisomy 21 will continue to develop, so we have to check the infant to see if there are any chromosomal abnormalities during weeks 15-20.

Why might the sperm and eggs have deformities? Actually, the environment that we are living in today is far worse than the one that our ancestors inhabited. Pesticides, fertilizers, food additives, preservatives, hormones, X-rays, electromagnetic radiation, etc., can damage an individual’s sperm or eggs at different levels. Our fast-paced life, stress from work and abnormal living conditions can all affect our sperm and eggs. People who are X-rayed after being pregnant are more prone to have children with Down syndrome than those who are not, for example.

After being pregnant for two weeks, and when the amenorrhea has not yet occurred, the fetus has already started to develop very fast, but the parents do not yet know. If the pregnant woman takes medicine, has a cold, lives in a room that was just decorated, feeds a pet such as a cat, dog, etc., the embryo could be caused to develop abnormally.

The 5-10 weeks after the last menstrual period, when the mother is aware of being pregnant, is when the unborn child develops the fastest. The brain, the vertebra and the nervous system are all formed early on, and the heart can already start to beat. At the 10-week mark (the 8th week after realizing pregnancy), a small child with complete organs has formed. After this period, the tissues and organs will be perfected in order for the child to be able to live outside of the womb. So we should avoid all negative factors and influences in order to allow the fetus to develop perfectly.

If the couple didn’t use contraception, they should have thought of it before, and the woman should not take medicine before the next menstrual period. No potentially damaging inspection should be conducted, and any activity that could be harmful to the child should be avoided. If the couple has already drank, stayed up late for a long time, gotten colds, come into contact with radiation or taken medicine for a long period, then contraception should be used carefully. The birth of a child is sustenance for the rest of our lives, so we have to treat it carefully and seriously, with responsibility.

The holidays are coming soon, and many couples will be getting together. Couples must create a quality environment for their children. Do not stay up late too often, eat less junk food and maintain a positive mood. If you do not want a child, then use contraception carefully. We should take responsibilities for the life of our future children and also for the rest of our lives.
In short, preparation before pregnancy plays an important role in our efforts to nurture our children. No one should neglect preparing for pregnancy such as confinement nanny. Being prepared helps to prevent fetal malformations in time.