What is a Confinement Nanny - Confinement Nanny with Newborn Baby BoyWhat is a confinement nanny? What does confinement lady do? Should you engage freelance confinement nanny or from professional confinement agencies? While you might have heard of a confinement nanny, you may not be entirely sure of what they do. You probably think if confinement is necessary or should you order confinement food and hire singapore nanny to help take care of your baby instead.

Confinement Nanny Roles and Duties

Confinement nanny is usually an individual who is an experienced mother or took up specialized courses on how to take care of mothers and newborn babies as a profession. They are employed to stay with the mothers at their home during confinement after childbirth. They provide help and assurance to new parents who does not have any experience in raising a child. They will do a number of tasks that will allow mother to have a good rest, recovers fast and that both mother and child have all their needs met at the same time. You can look for nanny online, search forum or approach confinement agencies for confinement lady recommendation. They will have good confinement lady to recommend. Confinement nanny rates varies from each confinement agency in Singapore. You can find out how much it cost you to hire confinement nanny directly and compare the benefits of hiring confinement lady through confinement nanny agency. The price is usually depend on nanny’s experience, language, meals and if she needs to take care of single baby or twins. In 2016, Singapore confinement nanny cost or to hire Malaysia confinement lady is from S$2300 to S$3200. Please ensure you have apply the confinement nanny work permit for your Malaysian confinement lady.

If this is your first baby, then there will be a lot of things that you do not know especially if you are having twins. In many cases, you will not even realize how much you do not know until you are in awkward situations with your new baby. Consider this quick list of just five basic things new mothers can learn from a knowledgeable confinement nanny.

1. How to properly bathe a newborn baby.

Confinement Nanny Bathe Newborn Baby - What is a Confinement NannyMany new mothers are comfortable caring for their babies when they are dry and happy, but they freeze when it comes to giving the babies their baths. Most babies do not like being wiped down with a wet cloth and they protest even more if you strip them down and try to place them in an infant tub with water. This protesting comes in the form of screaming, and that can bring many mothers to tears.

That is where confinement lady comes in handy. They know just how to give the newborn babies their first baths with the least amount of protest. If nothing else, they can calm a nervous mother and assure her that the crying is normal and will stop as soon as the bath is over. With this soothing, a new mother can learn to endure the crying and enjoy the peace that comes when the baby is clean, dry, warm and ready for a nap.

2. How to develop a healthy feeding schedule that works for newborn baby and mommy.

Singapore Confinement Nanny Feed BabyOne of the most difficult aspects of caring for a newborn is trying to determine when the baby needs fed and when something else might be wrong. Should you wake up a sleeping baby if it is their scheduled time to eat? Should you offer a bottle every time they cry, just to make sure they aren’t hungry? How do you know for sure that the baby is getting the nourishment they need?

These are all questions that a confinement nanny can answer. A good nanny will also work with mother and baby to develop a feeding schedule that keeps the baby healthy and satisfied while giving the mother adequate times to rest. This is extremely important for breastfeeding mothers.

3. How to train a baby to sleep through the night.

At some point, babies will need to learn to sleep when it is dark out and wake up when it is light. New mothers benefit from keeping their confinement nannies on board long enough to get their little ones adjusted to their daily schedule. At the very least, the confinement lady should be asked for tips on how to get the baby to sleep through the night before letting the nanny go.

4. Proper diaper and clothes changing routines.Singapore Confinement Lady Changing Baby Clothes

New mothers often worry about changing diapers at the appropriate time and may waste diapers by changing too often or cause diaper rash by not changing often enough. There can be some anxiety over changing clothing as well, since many newborns will scream through the process. A good confinement nanny will teach the best strategies to keep the baby comfortable at all times.

5. How to eat healthy so your breast milk is healthy for the baby.

Finally, a confinement nanny can ensure the mother is consuming a healthy diet, so the proper nutrients are passed to the baby through breast milk. This is one of the hardest tasks during confinement for new mothers. While many new mothers find the most benefit in confinement nannies, established parents can get a level of benefit from them as well. Not only are you receiving an additional level of help, but you are also having the chance to obtain new information and techniques that may have been learned to help you raise your child in a better manner.

Remember, you want to make the most of this confinement period as it will be vital for the health and well being of you the mother and your child.