What is OvulationOvulation is referring to the time of the month when an egg is released from ovary into the fallopian tube due to hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle. It is during this cycle that gives an opportunity for the woman to become pregnant if this egg meets with sperm and get fertilised.

When Do You Ovulate?

If your cycles are regular, ovulation is typically 14 days before the next menses. Therefore, a woman with a 28 day cycle will ovulate on day 14. A woman with a 32 day cycle, ovulation happens on the 18th day.

Ovulation Period for Pregnancy.

When is a woman most fertile? If sperms are deposited into the woman, they remain viable for 2 to 3 days after sexual intercourse. Once the egg pops from the ovary, it also survives for one to two days. Therefore, the fertile period ranges from 3 days before ovulation till 2 days after.

Ovulation Symptoms.

There are indications that can help to predict when you are going to ovulate if you are trying to conceive:

  1. Some women feel a slight pinch on the side of the lower abdomen during ovulation.
  2. Following ovulation, body temperature rises marginally.
  3. The cervical mucus becomes an egg-white-like consistency during ovulation, which is thin and stretchy, conducive for sperm penetration.
  4. Without examining the mucus, the woman may feel that she is ‘wetter’.
  5. Accompanying the hormonal changes, women tend to have a higher libido or sex drive at this time.

There are women who may have vaginal spotting following ovulation but it is also important to exclude other reasons for intermenstrual bleed if this occurs. After ovulation, the second half of the menstrual cycle brings out on the usual breast tenderness and bloating.

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