nanny-feed-food-to-babyOnce your baby is used to single tastes, it is time for nanny to start combining foods by giving her elements from many different food categories in a single meal. There is no right or wrong time actually. Nanny can move to combination foods at any point. Most parents or the nannies will start with a single food, just so that the baby knows what each taste is by itself. But as soon as you have introduced something as a single food, feel free to combine it with another food that your baby knows. When you are moving on to different food combination, usually they are not as smooth or as thin as purees. That is what we wanted. The nanny will have to let baby get accustomed to thicker foods as their meals. Nanny can always adjust the amount of fluid to the food during babysitting depending on how thick you want to make it.

Making Up A Combination Meal

After boiling green lentils for around 20 minutes, they will be lovely and soft. Nanny will combine these with parsnip and couscous that has been forked and fluffed. This combination has a protein source, a vegetable source and a starchy carbohydrate. So in this one meal, your baby’s getting a lot of what she needs. The babysitter can also add a little bit of milk to the mxi, so she is also getting her dairy, which is really awesome. Using a hand blender all the flavours and textures can be brought together in 1 meal.

NannySOS provides confinement food for your confinement period. If experienced nanny is required for babysitting after confinement period, we will be here for you.