baby-sleeping-mumThe typical infant will be sick between three and nine times in his first year. Many of these illnesses will occur from a cold virus and won’t require any attention from your pediatrician. Low grade fevers or those less than 38 °C, you should call your pediatrician right away to discuss your baby’s condition.

Be especially watchful during the first few months of your baby’s life, when a fever or any illness should be brought to your doctor’s attention immediately. While most illnesses will not be anything serious, a fever can be a sign of an infection. One of the biggest risks is bacterial meningitis, which could potentially cause brain damage and even death. While the chances of this are very low, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The decision to call your pediatrician can often be difficult but trust your instincts about when your baby is ill. The best rule of thumb is to call your doctor if your baby runs a fever over 38 °C. You know your baby better than anyone. A good pediatrician will understand your concerns and let you know if she thinks your baby requires an office visit.

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