baby-pacifierIf your baby uses a pacifier, the best time to wean him from the pacifier is before he is a year old. This can be a difficult task because many children are hooked on their pacifier. It will be much easier to break the pacifier habit at ten, eleven or twelve months then it will be when your baby is two years old and asserting his independence. When you make the transition, it is important that your baby have some other attachment, object available such as a special blanket, teddy bear, or toy that he really likes.

Research shows that use of a pacifier may increase the chance of several difficulties, including ear infections and dental problems. Long term use of pacifiers is also associated with oral candidosis (thrush), respiratory and intestinal illnesses, tooth decay, and malocclussion (inappropriate alignment of teeth).

Out of sight was out of mind. He was a little out of sorts for a day or two. But it was easier than you anticipated. Having his teddy bear available and giving him extra hugs and kisses during the transition was helpful.

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