baby-trying-to-walkYour baby will walk when she is ready. We live in a competitive society and it is natural for parents to want to compare their baby’s development. Most parents remember exactly when their children started to walk. It is not uncommon to hear parents of little ones talking about this important milestone and when it occurred. While comparison may ease fears or provide a point of reference for a new parent, the only thing that comes from becoming overly concerned with when your baby walks or crawls is unnecessary worrying.

Infants develop motor skills at different rates. The normal age to start crawling varies between five and fourteen months of age, while the normal age to begin walking is from six to eighteen months. The good news is that according to numerous studies there is little or no relationship between when babies walk or crawl and their abilities later in life.

While there are developmental activities that may indicate a problem, neither crawling nor walking are good measures of how your child is doing. So, relax and enjoy playing with your baby. She will develop skills on her own schedule.

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